In 1930 with the upcoming and new Hollywood cowboy a new breed of holster started to show up known as the buscadero or the drop rig. These holsters were usually built on a belts of 2 1/2 inches or greater with a section of the belt dipping down with a slot for the holster. The holster would normally set at arms length on the thigh and have a strap of leather to tie the holster to the thigh to aid in a quicker draw without the holster coming up with the gun.

This holster was designed using the same techniques and style tooling that would have been used during this period of time.  the belts is a two-piece construction a 8 ounce face and 4 ounce back. The holster is of the 10 ounce piece of leather


Plain: $250.00

Fully tooled:  $650.00


Plain: $162.00

Fully tooled: $327.00

Loops:  $3 per cartridge loop