There is a need for holsters that maximize handgun accessibility, including ease of draw and reholstering. The professional law enforcement officer or security specialist will appreciate the design and features of the new Lobo Combat Classic. This design will also appeal to those engaged in IPSC, IDPA and other combat-oriented shooting sports.

The Lobo Combat Classic is a modified scabbard-style design with the holster body made with two layers of leather cemented and stitched together. This provides a smooth holster interior (without lining) and the lamination results in an incredibly strong and rigid holster. At the main holster seam a welt is utilized, contoured to the shape of the handgun, allowing very close forming of the holster while also adding additional strength and rigidity to the finished holster.

Design of the tunnel-style belt loop permits a wide range of options for holster cant. For discreet concealed carry behind the strong-side hip you may specify butt-forward cant (so-called "FBI cant"). For strong-side at the hip, suitable for competition or field use, you may specify neutral cant (vertical carry angle). For a carry position on the hip or just forward of the hip you may specify reverse cant, which also works well for those requiring a cross-draw rig. YOUR HOLSTER WILL BE MADE TO SUIT YOUR SPECIFICATIONS FOR YOUR NEEDS.

When you first experience the Lobo Combat Classic you might wonder why all holsters aren't made this way. Two-layer construction of the holster body requires twice as much leather as normally used for a holster of similar design, and the time required to assemble, cement, stitch, and form these holsters is much greater than most other designs. So this is not an inexpensive holster, but it is a holster that you will have a very hard time wearing out.


BASE PRICE: $163.00


Suede lining: $42.00

Smooth leather lining: $47.00

Thumb-break retention: $32.00.

Slide Shield (Semi-auto pistols): $12.00.

Hammer shield (revolvers): $12.00. 

Throat reinforcement: $32.00

Basket Weaving: $70.00 

Throat reinforcement with snake or exotic inlay: $98.00

Throat reinforcement with hornback alligator inlay: $115.00

Full Face Exotic: $200.00

Tooling: $150.00


(Note: a holster can be made with thumb-break or with hammer shield or slide shield, but not with both).