Our Business

Lobo Gun Leather started as a hobby-based business in 1972 by Ray Cory. As a young police officer there were things that he wanted for himself, and he made them. When his friends and co-workers started asking him to make leather gear for them. This remained the situation until after he had retired from law enforcement.

Living in an area that had no leather craftsmen to make quality leather goods or repair them, in 2012 we began under the name sioux leather making a large variety of products. Producing belts, concealed holsters, wallets, purses, saddles, horse tack, western holster, rifle supplies, and commercial sewing services for industrial use.

In 2015 with a desire to expand our concealed holster line we acquired lobo gun leather and are excited to making products for those looking for high quality craftsmanship in their gun leather.

Who We Are
We are a small family business that started in north west Iowa that it is now located on the iron range of northern Minnesota, in the little town of Ely. Our background was in agriculture with a love of the outdoors and old styled craftsmanship. Working in blacksmithing, fine woodworking, and leather, leather soon became our medium of choice.

Meet the Team

Here at Lobo, our top priority is to send you, our customer, a holster that is of top quality in function, looks, and craftsmanship.



Mark does most of the holster designs and sewing, he also does most of the exotic work on holsters such as overlay and inlay.



(Mark's wife) is the first person you will talk to when you order a holster. Say "hi" to her and you will instantly become one of her favorite people



Does all of the tooling, stamping, molding, and finish with a background in saddlery and western holsters. (Mark and Alethea's son)



The founder of Lobo leather is on staff as a technical advisor for our holster product line and a advisor in the design of future holsters.


Holster cutter

Our apprentice who is learning all the skills to become a excellent leather craftsman, cuts out all the holsters. (Mark and Alethea's son)