If you are ready to place an order, please give us a call or email us! Details are on our "contact us" page, and we LOVE visiting with our customers!  We do reply to ALL emails, if you do not receive a response from us in a timely fashion please check your junk/spam box.  We do take Saturday and Sunday off to spend time with our Family and will respond again on Monday.

When your order has been confirmed we will respond with an Approximate time estimate of production and instructions for payment via mail or PayPal (offering a secure website for fund transfers or credit card transactions) or credit card over phone.  We do not keep any credit card numbers at all in the shop.  If you plan to add to your order or place another order, the credit card number will be needed again;)

Orders are only placed on the books once payment is received. 

When a Quote of production time is given, it is an "approximate" or a guess, not an exact time frame.

We try to review and respond to incoming e-mails each day. Like everyone else, there will be occasional times that we cannot get back to someone right away, so your patience is appreciated when this happens.

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO MAINTAIN OPEN-STOCK INVENTORY. Each order is produced in the order received, and production times may vary due to the volume of orders pending at any given time.


1. Right-hand, unless left-hand is specified.

2. 1.5" belt loops, unless another size is specified.

NOTE: Trouser waist size IS NOT THE SAME AS BELT SIZE. Belts will be made to the size requested, and customers are responsible for providing an accurate measurement. NO RETURNS will be accepted due to size issues.


I accept money orders, personal, and business checks.

We do use paypal, and can accept credit card only over the phone with card reader.

The occasional envelope stuffed with cash always brightens my day!

Sorry, but I cannot accept livestock, children, or anything else that eats or requires daily care. Boat motors (25 hp tiller) and canoes are good bartering options.

Police and Military: We have received several different department patches and have started to collect them. We would be delighted to receive one from you to place on display in our shop and send a badge belt clip to you in return.


Each piece is made to fill an individual order and delivered to the customer who requested it.

In the event that your order is not as specified (wrong color, incorrect model, manufacturing errors) please notify me by e-mail and arrange for return and replacement.

Please note that any item showing visible signs of use will not be accepted as a return.

Returns are not accepted because:

"It isn't what I thought it would be",

"It isn't what I hoped it would be",

"It just won't work for me",

"I traded this gun so I don't need it anymore",

"I decided I wanted something else",

or other such reasons.


When an order is canceled before production begins a 25% will be deducted from your return. This is to cover the cost that the credit companies take from their services.


All items are warranted to the original purchaser against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from delivery date. Should any item fail in normal use during that period, contact me and arrange for return authorization, and I will repair, adjust, or replace that item, or offer a refund of purchase price, at my sole option and discretion.


Any changes, modifications, or alterations to a product will absolutely void any and all warranties, express or implied.

Pairs and sets notice: When more than one item is ordered and a problem arises with one item, only that item will be considered for returns.

*****If you plan to order a belt and other additional items to match at a later date. Please be aware that it is very hard to make a perfect exact color match as items are cut from different hides and absorb dye differently.