The Model 5 Belt Holster fills a number of needs. Thumb-break is standard, providing a positive mechanical retention device. Full coverage of the trigger guard, and rear sight protection.

The Model 5 is well suited for range or field use, and also provides reasonably good concealment qualities.

The standard Model 5 is a strong-side holster with approximately 15 degrees butt-forward cant.

The Model 5-X is the same design, but configured for cross-draw use.

Standard belt loop is 1.5" width, other sizes may be specified.

Intended carry position (standard cant) is just behind the strong-side hip, about 4:00 position.


BASE PRICE: $140.00

Available Options:

Suede lining: $42.00

Smooth leather lining: $47.00

Thumb-break retention: $32.00.

Slide Shield (Semi-auto pistols): $12.00.

Hammer shield (revolvers): $12.00. 

Throat reinforcement: $32.00

Basket Weaving: $70.00 

Throat reinforcement with snake or exotic inlay: $98.00

Throat reinforcement with hornback alligator inlay: $115.00

Full Face Exotic: $200.00

Tooling: $150.00

**** Don't forget extra mag/speedloader pouches!!!