Shoulder holsters serve the needs of many people requiring a means for discreetly carrying a sidearm.

Shoulder holsters are particularly well-suited for those who are seated or driving frequently.

The key to a good shoulder holster is the harness design. The harness must support the weight of the holstered handgun and keep it balanced without constant shifting and irritation.

The Lobo Gun Leather shoulder holster design is made for those who require this carry method, offering:

-Horizontal carry

-Thumb-break retention

-Fully articulated suspension harness centered on a relatively large and contoured support panel riding high between the shoulders

-Off-side dual magazine pouch, speed loaders, moon clips, or bullet loops providing rapid access and counterbalancing weight to the rig.

-Hand made  and hand boned using leather from US tanned leather.  Made in USA Ely MN.

-The best Handmade leather shoulder holster on the Market


Price: $268.00.

Interchangeable extra holster: $115.00

Interchangeable Double Mag pouch: $75.00

Interchangeable Triple Mag Pouch: $95.00

Strap rig only Price: $115.00

Tie downs: $15.00 each

Shoulder straps flared to inch and a half add: $32.00

Inlay on holster only: $115.00

Inlay on holster and Straps: $185.00

Please specify your suit coat size so the harness may be made to permit a proper fit.