9Rifle slings

These rifle slings are made using a 10 oz carving leather face and are backed in suede. This gives a firm rifle sling that can handle the heaviest of rifles. The suede on the inside helps to keep the sling from sliding around on the shoulder keeping it in place. Swivel hardware can be attached using chicago screws (provided) or be laced on to protect the finish of your stock. Please specify upon ordering

Base Price: $95.00

Carving/tooling: $120.00

Basketweave stamping: $60.00

Lace Tie: $20.00

Rifle sling in photo #2 with full lacing and Stamped edged = $125.00



Made with 10 oz leather that has been suede lined to protect the finish of your rifle with a snap to hold the butt stock in place while riding the hardware is solid brass.

Base Price: $265.00

(with scope extra $75.00)

Border stamped: $35.00

Brass spots: $30.00

Basketweave stamping: $65.00

Custom carving: Call for pricing


Rifle Case

Rifle cases can be made for several styles and types of long guns.  Made with sheepskin the gun will be protected very well.  Leather can be colored and dyed the same colors as on our colors page.  The leather trim and sides can be personalized with small carving and monograms.  Please inquire about pricing.

Base Price: $380.00

(with scope: extra $75.00)




Range Bag

Will easily fit a box of 12 gauge shot shells in each pouch.  Made from the same leather that all of our holsters are made with, this one is sure to last.

7.5" X 7" X 5"

Base Price: $170.00

Basketweave tooling: $60.00



Butt Stock covers

Our Butt stock covers are made with full grain carving leather.  These stock covers are designed to help carry the extra ammo that is needed in the field and to help attach a rifle sling.   The hardware that is used on this peice is solid brass.  Please indicate how many bullet loops along with the caliber size you would like to order.

Base Price without bullet loops: = $85.00

Bullet loops: $2.00 per loop

No drill sling attachment leather pieces = $30.00

Border stamped: = $20.00

Brass Grommets: = $30.00

Basketweave stamping: = $45.00

Custom carving: Call for pricing


Rifle Case

Created with full grain saddle leather, smooth inner lined.  Can be fitted for any type of rifle.

Uncarved case:  $420.00

case with traditional 1885 style tooling:  $670.00



Rifle Sling:

1907 style rifle sling: