Natural oiled tan (first holster)

This is done using the neatsfoot oil finishing agent only, resulting in a honey-tone finish. Each piece of leather will absorb neatsfoot oil somewhat differently, so the resulting finish may vary in shade of coloration.


Old Brown

A custom color that we developed to match leather that had aged for 30+ years, old brown is a unique color as it absorbs into the leather at different rates and can cause a large array of brown colors dependant upon the leather and can even be molton. No Two are ever exactly alike in appearance.


Cordovan Brown

This is done using alcohol-based dye in a brown shade, followed by the neatsfoot oil finishing agent, resulting in a brown finish with burgundy highlights. Some variation in final finish color and shading can be expected.



This is done using an oil based dye followed by neatsfoot oil resulting in a medium brown finish.



This is done using alcohol-based dye in black color, followed by the neatsfoot oil finishing agent, resulting in a rich black luster.