The Pancake style has been made by many holster makers. The original development is believed to have been done by Roy Baker and marketed as "Roy's Pancakes".

This very comfortable and highly concealable design has been popular for over 40 years, and remains one of the best choices for concealed carry applications.

These are available for many revolvers and autos, from small to large.

Standard cant is approximately 15 degrees butt-forward, intended for wear just behind the strong-side hip. Neutral cant (vertical carry angle) is optional for some, but not all, handgun models depending on overall size and length.

Intended carry position (standard cant) is just behind the strong-side hip, about 4:00 position.

BASE PRICE $100.00

Suede lining: $42.00

Smooth leather lining: $47.00

Thumb-break retention: $32.00.

Slide Shield (Semi-auto pistols): $12.00.

Hammer shield (revolvers): $12.00. 

Throat reinforcement: $32.00

Basket Weaving: $70.00 

Throat reinforcement with snake or exotic inlay: $98.00

Throat reinforcement with hornback alligator inlay: $115.00

Full Face Exotic: $200.00

Tooling: $150.00