This style is believed to have been originated by Bruce Nelson as his "Professional" model, and later popularized by Bianchi International as the "Avenger" model (reportedly influenced by the input of Colonel Charles Askins).

We have refined the design to incorporate welted-seam construction. This adds significantly to the strength and rigidity of the holster and permits the highest practical ride for enhanced concealability.

This style is excellent for comfortably carrying a concealed handgun. Re-holstering the weapon is much easier than with pancake-style holsters, making this design a good choice for competitive pistol sports (each sport has equipment rules, so be sure to verify that your sport permits this style holster before ordering).

I make these for both revolvers and semi-autos

Standard cant is approximately 15 degrees butt-forward, intended for wear just behind the strong-side hip. Neutral cant (vertical carry angle) is optional for some, but not all, handgun models depending on overall size and length.

All of Lobo's holsters are hand made here in Ely MN, using US leather tanneries.


Options available:

Suede lining $42.00

Smooth leather lining $47.00

Holster mouth reinforcement, add $32.00.

Slide shield option, add $12.00

Hammer shield: $12.00

Thumb break retention add $32.00

Basket weave stamping: $70.00

Tooling add $150.00

Full Face Exotic: $200.00


****  If you like to carry extra ammo, -Don't forget to check out matching pouches!!