This page is devoted to all of the holsters that we have on hand.  There is nothing wrong with the looks or function of the holster, but it is just a mistake we made with an order.  For example: right hand vs left hand, thumb break vs slide shield, or wrong color.  Some of these were just built for immediate sales.  These are great if you do not want to spend the wait time learning a new hobby or how to knit.  These holsters are the ones to check out as they are ready to ship upon payment!!


  1. Black enhanced pancake holster fitting a 3.8" STI tactical with slide shield and inner smooth lining = $144.00
  2. Natural enhanced pancake holster with smooth lining and hammer shield
  3. Natural enhanced pancake holster fitting a 1 7/8" S&W Jo-frame with hammer shield and inner smooth lining = $144.00
  4. enhanced pancake holster and single mag set in natural color.  Holster is set up with slide shield, basket weaved throat reinforcement, and inner smooth lining for glock 26/27 = $225.00
  5. Natural Enhanced pancake holster for a colt 2017 = $99.00
  6. Enhanced pancake in cordovan brown for a Glock 21 with slide shield, smooth lining = $144.00
  7. Natural colored enhanced pancake holster fitting a S&W 4" k-Frame with hammer shield and inner smooth lining = $144.00
  8. enhanced pancake holster for a S&W bodyguard with slide shield in walnut color = $109.00
  9. Cordovan brown, enhanced pancake Sig 320 compact, throat reinforcement, slide shield = $129.00
  10. Natural enhanced pancake holster for a HK USP 9MM slide shield, smooth inner lining = $144.00
  11. cordovan brown enhanced pancake S&W L-Frame 3" with inner smooth lining and hammer shield = $144.00
  12. Black enhanced pancake hammer shield smooth lining S&W J- Frame 1 7/8" = $144.00
  13. Walnut enhanced pancake holster with slide shield = $109.00
  14. cordovan brown enhanced pancake with hammer shield and smooth lining fitting S&W 3" K-frame = $144.00
  15. Black enhanced pancake for a glock 23 with thumb break and inner smooth lining = $159.00
  16. Black enhanced pancake for a PPk Walther with thumb break = $124.00
  17. Natural enhanced pancake holster for a S&W 327 2" with hammer shield, (no lining) = $109.00


1.Model 1 dual carry in cordovan brown with slide shield fitting a walther PPk = $88.00


Belt slide fitting S&W M&P compact cordovan brown, thumb break = $75.00


IWB belt loop style Fitting S&W 442 natural in horsehide leather = $100.00

Iwb belt loop style fitting sig p320 cordovan brown = $83.00

IWB belt loop style pancake fitting S&W J-frame 1 7/8" cordovan brown, and smooth leather lining = $105.00



Model 1 pancake fitting sig p220 black thumb break = $90.00

model 1 pancake fitting ruger LCRX-3 black, cordovan brown = $73.00

Model 1 Pancake fitting H&K P7 M8 thumb break, smooth lining, cordovan brown = $120.00


enhanced avenger fitting a S&W 3913 black slide shield = $87.00

Enhanced Avenger fitting a M&P compact (9mm/.40)black, smooth lining = $109.00

Enhanced Avenger fitting Sig P229 without rail black, suede lining, and slide shield = $102.00


Lobo combat classic fitting S&W L-frame  2 5/8" bbl cordovan brown thumb break = $130.00

Lobo combat classic fitting browning 1911-.22 natural slide shield = $113.00

Lobo combat classic fitting HK P 200 SK black cross draw = $105.00

Lobo combat Classic fitting your S&W 327/627 5" thumb break, throat reinforcement = $146.00

Lobo combat Classic fitting S&W 3913 with slide shield and natural color = $113.00

Lobo combat classic fitting 3" Ruger sp101 walnut, and hammer sheild,  = $113.00

Lobo combat classic in walnut color fitting a Ruger SP101 3" with  thumb break = $130.00

Lobo Combat Classic fitting CZ 75 with mouth reinforcement,slide shield in cordovan brown = $133.00

Lobo combat classic fitting Ruger Gp 100 with throat reinforcement, hammer shield in cordovan brown= $133.00


Model 5 fitting S&W 60 3" cordovan brown, with floral carving = $165.00

Model 5 fitting S&W 651 in natural color, smooth lining = $115.00



Model 1 SL pancake with slide shield smooth lining black = $108.00

Model 1 SL pancake fitting S&W 2.75" K-frame cordovan brown, smooth lining, and thumb break, and basketweave stamping = $165.00


  1. offset belt clip fitting a 3" 1911 (not a sig) with slide shield, smooth leather lining, in cordovan brown color = $106.00
  2. Offset belt clip fitting a 2 1/8" S&W J-frame with hammer shield, smooth leather lining, horsehide leather, natural color = $131.00


Tom three persons fitting 3" S&W 686 basketweave stamping, cordovan brown, with snap n strap retention= $115.00

Tom Three persons fitting a 2" j-frame with hammer thong, and traditional ttp carving, with smooth lining = $195.00

Tom Threepersons holster fitting ruger super blackhawk 5.5" with basketweave stamping, snap n strap retention (left hand)= $115.00

Tom Threepersons holster fitting 2.5" K-frame natural and snap n strap retention = $75.00

*****Items listed will be shipped through usps and will be charged an additional $5 per item.