Rifle Supplies

Rifle slings

These rifle slings are made using a 10 oz carving leather face and are backed in suede. This gives a firm rifle sling that can handle the heaviest of rifles. The suede on the inside helps to keep the sling from sliding around on the shoulder keeping it in place. Swivel hardware can be attached using chicago screws (provided) or be laced on to protect the finish of your stock. Please specify upon ordering


Base Price: $80.00

Carving/tooling: $80.00

Basketweave stamping: $30.00

Lace Tie: $15.00



Made with 10 oz leather that has been suede lined to protect the finish of your rifle with a snap to hold the butt stock in place while riding the hardware is solid brass.

Base Price: $220.00

Border stamped: $30.00

Brass spots: $25.00

Basketweave stamping: $60.00

Custom carving: Call for pricing